Ut&Njut is a nature tourism business located in Älvdalen, Dalarna. Founded in early 2018, the company specializes in nature tourism, hiking, outdoor activities and mountain safety. The logotype used from the start was created by the owners, but they quickly realized it was hard to work with and sought for a more professional looking identity. Therefore, they reached out to Sahlsa for help.

On my first day of internship I was asked to create a few suggestions for the new logotype. The challenge here was to gather as much information possible with nothing more than their business plan and the logotype. I hadn’t met the client, nor given any information what they wanted. A tough challenge it might seem, but a fun one!


Ut&Njut research results

I started with some research about the company and went through their social media accounts. Early in the process I had an idea in my mind where the two elements from the old logotype where combined into one and make it shaped like a typical patch since the owners where previous scouts. When doing my research, it hit me that the oldest known tree today is located not far from Älvdalen, so why not have that in the logotype.

Ut&Njut old logotype
The old logotype used by Ut&Njut
Ut&Njut moodboard
Ut&Njut sketches

I began sketching and made a few sketches with Old Tjikko (that’s the actual name of the tree) in it. In the same time, I made a mood board visualizing the direction I wanted for the logotype. I was inspired both by Fjällräven’s iconic logotype as well as Toblerone’s symbol.

Ut&Njut logotype sketches

During the process I tried several styles, including simple line art and a little more detailed but still clean as shown above. My vision was that the finished logotype would be easy to applicate on several materials and still look good. However, both my supervisor and I felt that my first sketches with the line art to was a bit too minimalistic, so I decided to continue with the second style shown above.

Ut&Njut logotype idea

Ut&Njut logotype idea

Having the overall art direction made up I began trying it with different colors, typefaces and shape. From the beginning I was pretty clear I wanted shades of green as primary to strengthen its connection with nature and earth.

However, at the same time the other supervisor had made some sketches as well with different color variations so I tried using them, as shown in the second image.

For the typeface I knew I wanted something simple, but with character. I tried several fonts but ended up with Suez One as I felt it had the right character and felt somehow earthy.

I did like the patch from the first style I made, so I included that in my sketches but made it a bit softer. The two logotypes above was then shown for the client, along with other sketches made by other supervisor.

Ut&Njut landscape logotype

The response from the client was positive and they decided to go ahead with my logotype. The colors wasn’t right yet, so they provided us with some images they were inspired by. The idea was to capture the essence of magical summer nights and aurora. In the same time I made some slight alterations of the mountain and Old Tjikko – moving them to so it would look like a valley.

Ut&Njut letter

The finished logotype have been well received by its customers and by the owners them shelves. I am very proud of this project as I managed to include elements they had talked about, that I did not know about – especially Old Tjikko.

Ut&Njut cap

Project info

Fields: Branding – logotype design
Client: Ut&Njut
Supervisors: Jonas Sahlander & Karl-Johan Sanfer
Image credit: Mats Hagwall & David Becker (Unsplash)