Originally an assignment during my studies at Dalarna University I chose to remake this project. The task was to create a brand identity and packaging design for a fictional company creating medical chocolate. Marketing the chocolate as medical, is, however illegal unless registered at the Swedish Medical Products Agency. Therefore, a new name and brand had to be done with health as a starting point.

The branding had to be done through storytelling based on a story connected to my place of birth. The story could be true, made up or a combination of both. The target audience for the product were people with interest for a healthy lifestyle and was going to be sold in physical stores.


Förpackningsdesign – Önabybornas hälsochoklad

The work began with research about cacao and chocolate production. After research was done, I visited the Dalecarlian archive at the public library in Falun to read about Öna, my birth village. When reading about its history there was one person that got my attention, Tupp-Majt. Maybe it was her name or her history, but it was her I decided to build my story and brand about her.

When deciding to remake this project I went through my research material once again and found so many more people that got my interest. Therefore, I decided to rebrand the company from Tuppmajas to Önabyborna to include every person I found interesting. Since the brand had to be based on storytelling, I let every person come through with its own story matching the taste of the chocolate. The stories were then included on its respective packaging.

Förpackningsdesign – Moodboard för Önabyborna
Förpackningsdesign, Moodboard Önabybornas förpackning
Skiss förpackning Önabybornas

Since I felt the old packaging was rather flat, I wanted to create a concept better suiting the history. For the new packaging my focus was too highlight the old and historic, yet at the same time add some contemporary touches. Some of the inspiration was found in old packaging and how products were packaged back in the days. To add the modern touches, I worked with bold colors and monospaced typefaces.  

Already from the beginning, I had a clear vision of the packaging design, and thanks to the mood board it was easy for me to visualize the design. With that in mind, I made a simple sketch of the layout. Through the process, I made several versions of the logotype, with the finished one only having the rooster representing the old farming community, accompanied by a tagline. Several different kinds of papers in a variety of colors and patterns were tasted. The chosen one was a simple brown craft paper to make it more authentic and highlight the etiquettes.   

Önabybornas logotype, sketch process
Logotype, from sketch to finished version for Önabybornas

The end result is to me, a more genuine packaging design that brings the story behind each person. The finished design better suits its segment and selling platforms – local market halls and delicacy stores.