Mitt liv som bildåre

This was an assignment during my studies at Dalarna University. The task was to create magazine consisting of twelve pages including a cover story, ToC, front and back cover, and a collage page, showing the look and feel of the magazine. Branding and target audience of the magazine was free, but the name had to start with “Mitt liv som”, translating in English to My life as. The finished size was set to around an A4.

As I at the time recently had bought my first car, I felt it was the proper choice to target my magazine at young people with an interest in sports and premium cars. I felt there was missing a car magazine that took the extra effort to create a stunning looking layout and high-quality images. To accomplish this, I chose to work with an asymmetric layout with variation to make sure every page is its own piece of art.

Mitt liv som Bildåre

Mitt liv som Bildåre

For most of the images, I was lucky to have a friend of mine, namingly Alex Aalto, working as a car photographer that delivers photos exactly as I imagined them being photographed for the magazine. Fair for the viewers’ experience, fair for the car.

Images for this projects was also brought to me by Volvo Cars and Audi AG.

The finished product is something I am very proud of. The layout, the photos, and the typefaces. I was very careful to pick the right typefaces to capture the emotions luxury, young, and moving. I love how changing the typeface completely can change the feel of the product. The three typefaces I chose, is, in my opinion, the right typefaces to give that right feeling.