Since Snapchat introduced the possibility to create your own filters for the app, I was not late to make my own filters for my then hometown. I think the geofilters is a great way to show each city its landmarks, cultural heritage and so on.

Because the filters are used by a large group of people and every picture it’s used in, is different from the other I had to keep that in mind designing the filters. I’ve seen several filters where the designer not has thought about this making the filter rather useless.


So far, I have created two filters for Mora. With my first filter the goal was to capture the essence of Mora’s cultural heritage. The Dala horse is a great symbol for Sweden, and Dalarna, and is decorated with kurbits, so I decided to include that. To make it modern and playful I used vibrant colors and a handwritten typeface.

For my second filter I aimed to highlight some famous symbols from Mora. The Dalacarlian Horse and Mora-Nisse felt natural to include. The church was added as it’s well visited by tourists. Using red was an easy choice hence to all the red cottages and the horse.