Almost 40 % of every hotel room is empty. The hotel booking site Dib Hotel is a new booking service aimed to help hotel fill those empty rooms. Dib lets the guest set the price for its visit by bidding on hotel rooms.

The guest sets its preferences, wishes, location, and price willing to pay. When the guest is happy with its bid Dib sends it to hotels matching the bid and the first hotel accepting has the honor of having the guest. To explain its services, Dib was in need of marketing material.

DIB Hotel

Dib Hotel Business Cards

In close contact with the Social Media Manager, I made business cards and templates for white papers targeting its different target audiences. I was given text and images whom I was free to layout with. The challenge here was to make it feel like it was from Dib. Upon receiving the material, I also was given what specific typeface, colors, and logotype to use but no guidelines on how to use them. 

Having no visual guidelines, it was a fun challenge to design the templates, but luckily, I had some clues from their Instagram feed.