Diamond Service – visuell identitet

Diamond Service is a family run company developing diamond burnishing tools. Through the year the business has expanded with several ventures such as advanced scanning and measurement services. Since the start, they never had a complete visual identity, just a logotype which has been updated a few times. With no visual identity, their marketing material was not consistent nor appealing.

My task was to create a unifying visual identity that is professional and appealing as well as developing new mobile-friendly websites for their services. Lastly, new and updated marketing material for both B2B and B2C was created.

Diamond Service

Diamond Service Brochures
Diamond Service Old material
Old logotype and material used by Diamond Service

After a meeting with the client discussing the direction of the visual identity and the new logotype it was clear that they wanted an identity that reflects their business. For the logotype, I was free to design it in any way suitable as long it did not contain any diamonds. With several ventures in the business, I chose to create a symbol that glances at their core venture, diamond burnishing. The company had earlier used purple as their profile color, so I decided to update the color and add some new shades for variation. To bring the other services into the identity, I created several patterns that can be used.

With the new identity finished it was time to update their websites. My focus was to make it mobile-friendly and easier to navigate delivering better user experience. The old website for its business customers had too many submenus making it hard to find. I decided to split the navigation into different categories, products, and services. Both of them had their own mega menu making it easy to find the final destination.  

Diamond Service – produkter
Diamond Service – produkter
Diamond Service Website

The finished identity and website deliver a more modern and up to date look. During this project, I got a bigger understanding of web development as I designed and developed it myself.